International growth: Oramon Development SL joins nexum AG

The digital consulting agency nexum AG has acquired a majority share of Oramon Development SL. Oramon’s employees in Valencia (head office) and Amsterdam are specialists for the development and realization of innovative omnichannel projects, with its high-profile clients including popular retailers and brands like Apollo, Northsails, and The Sting. As the newest part of nexum AG, the company will begin operating under the name of nexum Espana SL.

The internationally experienced digital teams of nexum and Oramon started cooperating on complex platform projects in October 2019. Georg Kühl, member of the board of nexum AG, explains:

“The platform economy is THE key building block for our clients’ successful business models, and that cannot stop at national borders. Seeing our international growth strategy, moving into the Spanish and Dutch markets is a major step for us. Most digital solutions are created for a global audience, and our new international offices – like our three Swiss sites before them – give us that global presence. At the same time, Valencia is an attractive place, drawing just the digital and IT talent that we want on our team.”

Valencia: Attractive destination for digital professionals

At its new international bases, nexum will pursue digital projects with exciting international clients and reach out to start-ups and the local developer community. With around 40,000 students, the Universitat Politècnica de Valéncia is one of Spain’s leading universities and enjoys an excellent reputation for its IT department, reflected in its academic partnership with Germany’s elite technical university RWTH Aachen. nexum España SL will offer a trainee scheme for graduates that includes optional international placements in the firm’s German or Swiss offices. The team in Valencia will also soon be joined by more experts in various disciplines (development, UX design, project management, and others).

“Independence, entrepreneurship, fast decisions, and autonomy: these are the values that our people care about, that we care about, and that our clients care about. They are also what motivates us in our business, because we – as an independent, owner-managed agency – are ourselves responsible for our growth and our development” says Dr Michael Klinkers, member of the board of nexum AG. “Bringing Oramon SL into our organization is another important step in our organic growth, taking us into new markets and empowering us to pursue and succeed with major platform projects with respected experts in our field.”

An international top seller: multicloud platforms

The decision to expand its reach is nexum’s response to the increasing demand for e-commerce solutions. Valencia and Amsterdam will initially be focused on levelling up the agency’s competences in the area of multicloud platforms, which will include the recruitment of additional experienced developers, project managers, and consultants. Saskia Klöters, Senior Consultant for Customer Engagement Platforms, will join her new colleagues in Spain in August, bringing along her business development capabilities and experience from her three years in the Cologne office. The plans for the team in Valencia are to offer the entire service portfolio of nexum; as a committed digital full service provider, this includes not only e-commerce and customer engagement platforms, but a versatile set of solutions for corporate communications & HR marketing, digital campaigning & media, digital business & company building, and marketing communications & technologies. The ambitious plans are made possible by the close relationship being formed with the agency’s international sites: the professionals at nexum can take part in interdisciplinary expat assignments to get to know their counterparts abroad, experience their way of working, and take back home new insights and impulses for their own digital projects.

Saeed Younesi, founder of Oramon, remembers the lead-up to today’s developments:

“We’ve already had the great opportunity to team up with nexum on several client projects. And we’ve been benefitting directly from nexum’s capacities as a digital full service provider, which has enabled us to offer our clients a vast range of services. Over time, we began to realize that we’re made for each other in terms of our values and our culture. In December, we enjoyed a shared fiesta, with all nexum and Oramon people celebrating together in Cologne, and there were constant visits to Valencia and vice versa, before the travel restrictions came into force.”
  • Date:
    15. June 2020
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    International expertise for multicloud platforms
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