What about a really great content strategy?

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Transform your content into an exciting experience! Your content is much more capable than you think. Do you need help with finding the right content strategy? We can offer complete and lasting support and advice – every month, every week, day after day.

What you want to know

  • Who can help me, now or for longer, with managing my shop or website?
  • How can I make my content more powerful and more exciting?
  • Who can advise me about getting more out of my shop and content management?
  • Can email marketing be more efficient and more appealing?
  • Automating cross-channel marketing – But how?

How we help you

Content is still king – That is why content marketing is and will be one of the most rewarding marketing activities. With us at your side, you can level up all of your content, whether it is product data, website copy, or newsletters.

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Don’t get out, get support – Keeping your content management right on point

You want to make more of your content, but simply do not know how? Constantly maintaining your shop, your website, or your newsletter costs you valuable time that you want for strategic work or innovation? You want to increase efficiency and automate your content creation? Then we need to talk!

Good content is the shopfront of your business. When potential customers come across it, two things may happen: They either get the information they need, enjoy the style, and get drawn in by the storyline and the character of your business, or they find themselves flooded with the same old story, heard and read too many times before, and don’t even notice your name. You know that the quality of the content decides the outcome. But you also know that maintaining an online store or other website is a laborious affair. It takes time and effort – effort that we can take over for you. Sit back and enjoy your content bearing fruit. Whether you need editorial support or expert advice on your content strategy: We can give you regular, holistic, and long-term support. Every month, every week, day after day. Why us? Because nexum can do more than craft a great text:

  • We live for content. Our passion about new trends and eye-catching formats gives you the freedom to care about the entertaining and memorable concepts behind them.
  • Our team includes real experts. People with genuine expertise in their areas. And this collection of diverse talent is more than the sum of its parts: A network that is hard to beat.
  • We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk: Many high-profile enterprises are loyal customers of our services and advice, including such marquee names as Coop, Lufthansa. Or the Adecco Group.
  • We are not your regular service provider. We are the friend and partner you deserve. No wonder that many of our customers like to drop by our offices whenever they have a chance.

Content creation, strategy consulting, and expertise under one roof – from a partner you trust

Satisfied clients want to stay connected. That is why everything we do is aimed at giving you nothing but the best and strengthening your relationships with your customers with really great content marketing. We don’t go around telling people, but you can see our creed in how we think and how we write: We want you and us to become a team. A team that benefits from shared experience and mutual appreciation. And a team that outperforms in every discipline. This is the spirit that your customers will see and feel, and they will fall in love with your service anew every day – customer retention par excellence. For this, the creative minds and ambitious talents in our offices go above and beyond and find new ways to make your content as appealing as possible. What about a complete content strategy? Ever thought about an omni-channel concept? What about email marketing that goes with the times? Text automation might be a good option for a particularly efficient wordflow whenever creativity is not essential (e.g. for automated product data). The following services can give your content marketing that unmistakeable and unforgettable quality:

  • Shop and content management
  • Email marketing services
  • Content creation
  • Content optimization
  • Content strategy consulting
  • Product data optimization
  • Text automationCross-channel automation
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