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Corporate Branding & Communications

Consistent digital communication needs a strong identity to have a strong impact on all channels. We will work with you to find the most memorable expression for your brand and your value proposition. Your corporate website can become the essential hub and home for a rewarding dialogue with your clients: an international, digital presence, supported with more targeted offerings like content hubs. We can show you the immense potential of digital communication done right. And as your experienced business partner we’ll help you realizing your plans.

What you want to know

  • How can our online presence stay up to date as technologies and fashions change?
  • How must a website be designed so that our people can maintain and manage it without issue?
  • How can we give our services a powerful presence in the online world?
  • How can we express our identity and culture in the digital realm?
  • Can our website make even complex content easy to understand for our clients?

How we help you

We can create a truly responsive website for your business that will work perfectly on whichever device your target group prefers. With a careful choice of the right content management system and technology for your needs, supported by individual advice, we will forge a digital presence to take your business into the future, and we will stay at your side until it is implemented. We are here for you: from consulting to creation.

Get in touch

Smart people get active and get things done: In order to keep your online presence at the high level you want it to be, you need to update and reimagine it from time to time. Your audience’s expectations might change or your chosen technology might become outdated or obsolete and stop you from keeping your content fresh and impactful.

We are here for you and will help you create the website that you need for the lasting success of your business.

Brand identity and communication strategy

Your Brand and your promise in the digital world

A solid brand identity and a strong value proposition are the essence and starting point for all creative work. We work with you to make these fundamental elements clear and transparent and to put down strong foundations for all of your corporate communication efforts in the digital realm.

Channel and communication strategy

With our assistance, the content that you produce over the course of a project will have real impact and massive reach. Your content is your face to the world, so let us help you choose the right channel and communication strategy to match your specific target audiences. As an added bonus, all of your content will be ready for use in any channel you want – so strike up a new dialogue with your clients and visitors!

Technical Consulting

CMS selection

Whether you are launching or relaunching your online presence, the first choice you need to make is the right Content Management System (CMS) for your project: Go open source or place your trust in proprietary software? Continue using the CMS that your copywriters and editors are familiar with or take the leap into a new and potentially more powerful environment? Choose a headless system or play it safe with a traditional setup?

We have the answers that you need because your choice will have massive implications for your everyday work. Your CMS needs to fit you and not the other way around.

Interfaces and ecosystem

No corporate website is an island, all unto itself. All websites are intricately connected in a nexus of different channels and ecosystems and integrated in the databases and systems of your company’s IT landscape. We will help you find the perfect architecture for a seamless integration of your website.

Our suggestion: What about starting genuinely proactive lead management by getting the invaluable data you gain from your clients right into your CRM systems?

Your corporate website and digital corporate communications

Your corporate website is the hub and core of all of your communications efforts. You may want to build on it with a content hub or a magazine that gives the content you produce greater reach among the audiences you want to engage with. To do that, you need to put down solid foundations for truly impactful content marketing efforts.

Consulting and creation: The full service for your website

We have many years of experience in digital communications and can offer you pragmatic advice about the opportunities at your disposal. Whatever you decide, you can entrust us with putting your planned measures into practice. Benefit from our versatility and experience how consulting and creative work become one – in the integrated and smart work of nexum.

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Adriane Lennartz

Adriane Lennartz

Head of Business Unit Digital Marketing & Communications