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CRM Marketing & Automation

Get to know your customers! You want to treat your customers as the individuals they are and understand them and their needs. When they see that you understand them, they will stay with you. Can this be done efficiently and with a genuinely inspiring customer experience?

What you want to know

  • How can we strengthen our relationships with our customers?
  • Who can help us implement CRM and marketing automation tools?
  • How can I give my interactions with my customers a personal touch?
  • How can I engage with my customers at the right time and through the right channels?
  • What does our customer data tell us to make this more effective?

How we help you

CRM, marketing, and automation are what we live for. By using leading CRM systems like Salesforce, we can put your customer data to use to make your customer relations stronger. With us at your side, you can create the perfect customer experience.

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Turning data into experiences

CRM and marketing automation for lasting customer relations

You prefer stronger relationships with your customers and better conversion rates? We hear you! Let us see how you can use your customer data efficiently and personalize each customer interaction to get the most out of your CRM assets.

The customer is king – that is CRM in a nutshell. You want your customers to feel like kings, to be happy and satisfied, and to enjoy the service and experience that they expect. More than that: You want to give them more than they can expect. And that is easier than you might think: With optimized customer data analytics, automation, and personalized marketing, you can create a magical experience that your customers will love. All of the data you collect – the countless calls, emails, visitors at tradeshows etc. – give you invaluable insights into the specific needs of your customers. You need to use these insights to understand how to engage with them as individuals and to discover, inspire, and serve their needs. We can help you prepare for success: With us, you can show your customers what they want long before they know they wanted it. Why are we the best choice for your CRM? It’s simple:

  • We don’t just tell you what to do. We do it: We are your experienced partner from CRM strategy consulting to the actual implementation of marketing automation systems.
  • Our many years of project work in the field have told us which obstacles to expect in CRM projects (transitioning from legacy systems, data migration etc.) and how we can help you master these challenges.
  • We know what really matters when implementing CRM systems. That is why we only use the systems that we believe in, including the many cloud opportunities offered by Salesforce.
  • Our clients know what we can do for them. That is why many high-profile brands, like the 1. FC Köln football club, love and rely on our knowhow.

Why you should use CRM and Marketing Automation

Marketing is not about you loving your campaigns, texts, or your entire presence. It is about your customers loving them. What good is the cleverest and most charming newsletter if none of your customers ever read it? What good are 100 new leads per week if the data does not help you? It is all about a complete and polished customer experience. This is where CRM and marketing automation come into their own as the place where all types of customer data come together. They give everybody in your organization access to the data they need. They facilitate communication and make administration simpler. They give you a perfect place to keep all relevant data that you want to share with your customers (from offers to invoices, orders to vouchers, and newsletters to special deals etc.), from where you can distribute it automatically, but with all the personalization you want. The benefits are obvious: Your job is made easier, and your communication with your customers becomes much more compelling and appealing. A win-win, no-lose situation? Careful: CRM projects can be tricky. Use your valuable time for better things and leave it to us to implement and refine your CRM projects. We can assist you before, during, and long after you introduce such systems as your professional partners. We can be your long-term partner for customer data analytics. Reach out to us and start today on your journey to more satisfied and more loyal customer relationships. Our services in detail:

  • Marketing and CRM strategy consulting
  • System architecture and process consulting
  • Implementing the Salesforce™ Multi-Cloud
  • Implementing marketing automation systems
  • Cross-channel campaign automation
  • Data design and integration
  • Marketing email design & development
  • Content personalization
  • Marketing and CRM analytics
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