Data analytics – Optimizing your customer journey

Data Analytics & Optimization

There are so many opportunities for you to discover and so much potential for you to tap into. Hidden in your data is a treasure trove of powerful insights and invaluable information. We can show you how data analytics can optimize your e-commerce performance and generate more and more satisfied customers. Let us show you how!

What you want to know

  • How can I put my data to use to get an insight into what my customers are doing?
  • How can I improve my conversion rate?
  • Who are my most valuable customer categories?
  • Where can I find out what my customers might be interested in tomorrow?

How we help you

We can help you discover more about your customers and their habits and behaviour and tailor your services perfectly to match their needs and expectations. Data and business analytics or A/B tests will reveal the potential opportunities for boosting your revenue and increasing your conversion rates.

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With data analytics towards record conversion rates

We show you why your customers will love your offerings

Every second of every day, an almost infinite amount of information is flowing through the web. No wonder that consumers like us feel overwhelmed. That is why we have developed our very own filters: Information that does not captivate us will be forgotten in an instant, if it registers at all. The same is true for your customers: They will come across the marketing efforts of online traders many times over, every single day. Newsletters with discount vouchers. Another series of clips of models showing off the new collection on the runways of the world. Image videos trying to sell us the next hip brand. Very few e-commerce businesses manage to really engage emotionally with their target groups or even provide them with information that actually matters. Do you? Do you know how to get through to the people you want to reach? What are they interested in? Do they go for low prices or for sustainability? Is your “Buy now” button placed in the right position to clinch the deal? Not sure anymore? Then we are here for you!

To understand your customers, you need to get into the minds of your customers. Where do they want to go? When and how do they want to get there? Which route will they take? Our UX experts and funnel analysts do exactly this for you: They step into your customers’ shoes and work with you to develop appropriate solutions for navigating your customers through their journeys, exceeding their expectations and going for top conversion and excellent KPIs. We generate active traffic and personalized (omni-channel) communication for better customer retention. Why should you trust us to do this?

  • The entire nexum team is here to equip you with interdisciplinary solutions. We have a strong network of experts that are truly natives of the digital world. We know what matters in data analytics.
  • Our many years of experience enable us to create meaningful and thought-through customer journeys that ensure a holistic and seamless user experience – from the first expression of interest to the finished purchase and beyond. We optimize processes for top efficiency in a careful balance with the needs of your customers and the capabilities of the technology.
  • We promote cross-channel success for your business with strong personalization in all on and offline channels and with all touchpoints cleverly linked and connected.
  • Our role as consultants enables us to see the bigger picture. We know that it is not just about processing your raw data, but about the finished concepts that ensure lasting customer satisfaction.

We can help you find out more about your customers and their habits via data analytics

Knowledge is power. If you know more about the behaviour and the preferences of your customers, you can give them a truly personalized experience. We can reveal all the business potential lying dormant at every step of the customer journey and find the right footholds for optimization in our detailed data analyses. We care about customer satisfaction and the changing expectations of your target groups. With us at your side, you can develop happier and more loyal customers and give them bespoke, tailor-made recommendations. Our consulting support is grounded in professional conversion optimization, heuristic evaluations, A/B or multivariate tests, and data-driven analytics, supercharged with our expert reviews. We do this because we know: Customer retention is invaluable. Loyal customers that come back time after time are the key to increasing revenue and reducing attrition. Let us shape the perfect customer journey for you with the power of our service portfolio:

  • Optimized conversion
  • A/B and multivariate tests
  • Tracking & BI reporting
  • Data & business analytics
  • Personalization
  • Recommendations
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