The right e-commerce solution for you – today and in future

E-Commerce IT Strategy & Integrations

If you are looking for a promising e-commerce solution for your online store, the choice is all yours – and it is a difficult choice: Develop a proprietary system, use open-source software, avoid the hassle and worry and buy a ready-made solution or use a contract service? The right choice depends on your needs and your budget. Our expert knowhow and long-standing expertise means that we can give you independent and holistic advice about the right strategy, suitable technology and design of stable and future-proof systems and tools for your business.

What you want to know

  • Which e-commerce platform is right for our needs?
  • What makes a provider the right choice for us?
  • What does the chosen solution mean for integration in our existing IT ecosystem?
  • Who can be the right partner for implementing our online store?
  • What does it take to operate our online store?

How we help you

We are here to help you find a fitting e-commerce solution and the right system architecture for your needs. We can assist you with analysing your system requirements and defining meaningful criteria for your content, IT, and management professionals. We can be at your side in your contacts with system providers and recommend qualified implementation partners, unless you want us to implement the solution for you.

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The right solution for your e-commerce ventures – now and in the future

Our e-commerce expertise pays off

A scenario you may recognize: You are looking for an e-commerce solution to run your online store, but the many options available in the market leave you wondering: Should you design your own, proprietary system, use a free open-source software, buy a no-worry package deal, or find a subscription service? Or you might be asking yourself: How can the store systems really help you with your requirements? Which solution will scale well? Will it still be the right solution in the years ahead? These and many other questions all have one simple answer: It depends. It depends on your needs. Even if one of your competitors is very successful with one system, that system might not be the right choice for you.

The first key to success: A careful and thorough evaluation

How to proceed? This is where our services come into the picture: We help you find the right e-commerce solution and system architecture to suit you and your business. We are an independent partner with extensive e-commerce and IT knowhow and many years of experience in projects using a vast range of technologies. We will analyse your e-commerce / IT landscape as it is now and as it should be in future and help pinpoint the gaps and opportunities for designing your future system. Our system heatmaps give you a reliable basis for defining and recording your requirements and planning the right route to take for you.

Step by step towards the right solution

Using our evaluation of your current system, we will help you find the e-commerce provider that fits your needs best. We do so with a careful and comprehensive list of criteria, ranging from your market position and business model to the potential costs and your expectations concerning the capabilities, performance, and scalability of the system. We will identify the relevant criteria for making the right choice of system and equip your content, IT, and management teams with meaningful and validated information to guide their decisions. We can accompany you in your dealings with system providers up to the final negotiations about your chosen solution. The end result: A custom e-commerce solution that will protect and promote the success of your business, today and tomorrow.

Finding the right partners for implementing your solutions

Unless you want us to implement the solution for you, we can assist you with finding a suitable partner for implementing your online store as effectively and efficiently as you deserve.

Our e-commerce strategy services in brief

  • IT strategy consulting
  • System evaluation
  • Technology and architecture consulting
  • System integration consulting
  • Multi-cloud integration
  • Business intelligence / Business analytics
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