Managed Services

For sophisticated e-commerce and marketing platforms, the trend is away from server-based hosting towards multi-cloud. The complexity is increasing due to parallel operation on different platforms. Because in the end, what remains is a mix of different interfaces from different worlds.

What you want to know

    • Who will host my cloud services?
    • How can I set up monitoring for the interaction of all components of a system architecture?
    • How can I efficiently design the support of my running applications and processes?
    • The interfaces of my various e-commerce, CRM and CMS systems must function smoothly - who ensures trouble-free operation?
    • I need 24/7 technical support for my e-commerce or marketing platform - how do I find the right service provider?

How we help you

As a Managed Services Provider (MSP) we offer comprehensive 24/7 incident management for these cases. We create the necessary system architecture for monitoring, analysis and escalation and orchestrate the various technological partners. In short, we know the individual modules and know how they interact - in the sense of an individualised customer experience. This is an important added value for you, because as system architects we can also offer optimal and direct support.

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Managed Services for you

For a project to be successful, be it a shop system, a marketing instrument or an operationally necessary infrastructure, the interaction of all components of a system architecture must function smoothly around the clock. However, there is a contradiction between agency operations, which usually only comprise an 8-hour day on 5 days a week, and the services of technical service providers, which only cover partial aspects of the setup.

It is precisely this gap that nexum Managed Services closes by providing 24/7 technical support with the help of AI-based automation, trained support personnel and defined response times, enabling the company to respond quickly and in a solution-oriented manner to operational disruptions. We always keep an eye on the overall system with all its components. A further advantage for you is that you no longer have to coordinate with a large number of contacts from different components of a system architecture, but only have a central IT operations manager as your contact who is familiar with your individual setup. From development to continuous application support and ongoing operation, you thus receive all services from a single source.

24/7 support for successful cloud projects

Located between hosting and application, we close the service gap between the individual technical service providers such as hosting, SAAS, cloud and in-house systems on the one hand and classic agency services on the other.

With the help of our own infrastructure, which uses special monitoring and log file analysis systems, problems are directly recognised and actively (or proactively) resolved automatically or on the basis of a defined process chain - and this in 24/7 operation.

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