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As technology keeps evolving and the expectations of your customers keep changing, your digital marketing will encounter new challenges at every corner. A modern marketing website is the starting point for all effective communication – be it B2C or B2B. We are here as your forward-thinking partner to help you find the right strategy and create and continuously optimize your marketing solutions to match the KPIs you care about. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labour!

What you want to know

  • Which digital marketing activities would be effective for our business?
  • How can we inspire our customers? How can we reach out to new customers and keep our existing customers loyal?
  • How can we reach our goals – now and in future?
  • How can we track our progress?
  • Which technologies fit our business and will get us closest to our goals?
  • How can we refine and improve our solutions, and what could we optimize?
  • How can we establish our brand digitally to reach the people we want to reach?

How we help you

We can help you with evaluating and selecting the digital marketing activities best suited to you and your business. We will stay with you for their entire implementation. Our focus lies on a sustainable technological and conceptual solution that turns your investments into lasting and measurable results and paves the way for continued growth and evolution.

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Our services

From developing strategies to creating powerful websites and optimizing your existing channels: Wherever you are with your digital marketing, we have the right solutions for you:

Digital marketing strategy

  1. Start with the 'why': What do you want to achieve? Where do you want to go?
    Let’s find out together, e.g. in a dedicated strategy workshop.
  2. What do you need to get there, in your industry, in your current situation, and in future? How can we develop it together?
    Let’s draw up a roadmap that works for you. Our consulting services can include e.g. a requirements analysis, persona and customer journey definition, platform strategies, system and architecture consulting, and digital branding.
  3. How can you know whether your efforts work or need some tweaking and optimization?
    Let’s put in place meaningful KPIs to track your progress.

The right content

Which content works for your chosen marketing goals? We can advise you on fitting content activities and support you with the creative work, from emotional storytelling to inspire your customers to informative content marketing that shows your competence and knowledge of your customers.

Web solutions

Whether you need a new marketing website as the home base for all of your activities, targeted campaigns or landing pages, or maybe a web app for a specific service – We can help you with the right concept and design, development, and content, using the right content management technology to fit you and your future plans, e.g. a headless CMS. We can take over the migration of your existing content, the training of your people, or the rollout of your new solutions to your subsidiaries and country organizations.


Your strategy works, but the results could be taken to the next level or tweaked here and there? We are the right partner for the continuous improvement of your marketing solutions.

We keep track of your KPIs (marketing analytics) with custom tracking concepts chosen to match your strategy.

A/B testing and funnel analyses will show you where to target your attention: Better usability or better content? Smarter layout or neuro-marketing? Optimized for mobile use? We can help you grow your conversion rates and the other KPIs you care about.

Our holistic search engine optimization (SEO) approach gives you optimum reach and a strong ranking, with constant analyses and continuous on-site, content, and technological improvements.

Preparing for the long term

A social media campaign or a web store would be a great add-on for your marketing? As a dedicated unit of nexum, we have direct access to the experts and expertise you need to perfect your digital activities on all channels.

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