Making Lives More Exciting

Digital Campaigning & Media

We make people’s lives more exciting by getting them in touch with the brands and products of our clients. We create real value for them by helping them grow – grow their sales and grow their brands. We commit everything to our client’s goals, and we are ready to think outside the box and push right through those goals.

What you want to know

  • How can I capture more brand awareness?
  • What is my brand message?
  • Which channels can I use to reach the right audiences?
  • How can I push my sales?
  • How can I best serve my marketing goals?
  • Which KPIs should I be using?
  • Lots of big talk at nexum: Will you walk the talk and do the job?

How we help you

Our approach is straightforward: Consulting and creativity services, brought to you by people who live and think digital. This means activities on every square inch of the sales funnel. We are always in touch with people, creative and analytical. Always committed to performance and professionally managed. And ideally in a partnership with you that lasts, where we can build on and celebrate our successes. But enough about us: Tell us more about you and what you care about? We’re here to listen.

Get in touch

What we stand for

We love what we’re doing. And our clients love that we love what we’re doing. We create real value for them. Be it brand awareness or product familiarity, customer loyalty, or hard-fact sales: The value we add can come in all shapes and sizes, but it always has one thing in common: Clients who feel safer knowing that their digital marketing is in good hands.

What we care about

Real Personalities

Business is nothing but relationships between people. Openness, transparency, and equal partnership with our clients is what we care about. All of us, and all of the time.

Busy Hands

Abstracts strategy slides with no grounding in reality? Not with us. We come with you to the frontlines. We design all measures to line up with your strategies. We test and optimize what needs to be tested and optimized. We get to work, and we get the job done. The ends matter.

Agile Minds

We stand up for curiosity, diversity, and commitment from our teams. What we get in return: Creativity, a hunger for successful projects, and a mindset that accepts nothing but the best paths to the best results.

Clear Processes

Like our clients, we love reliability, actually helpful processes, and clever structures. For us, all projects stand or fall with professional project management. That is what we care most about. That is why we have the best people.

Our Services

  • Strategy & communication consulting
  • Digital brand management
  • Performance marketing
  • Brand & sales campaigns
  • Campaign microsites & landing pages
  • Content creation
  • Social media advice & creation
  • Community management & social customer care
  • Media planning, creation, & optimization
  • Social advertising
  • Display advertising
  • Content marketing
  • Conversational marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Email marketing
  • SEO & SEA
  • Good cheer and a Kölsch beer after a successful campaign
Your contact at nexum
Johannes Marcus Schäfer

Johannes Marcus Schäfer

Executive Director Sales