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E-Commerce Shop Solutions

You are planning to open up an online shop and need a reliable cloud software solution? Your online shop could perform better, and you want to find ways to improve your conversion rate? You are planning to combine your marketing website with a shop system or find a new solution to sell your products online? We are experts for smart shop solutions and e-commerce consulting – from requirements management to strategy consulting and from selecting the right solution to implementing, maintaining, and perfecting your e-commerce presence.

What you want to know

  • We would like to launch our very first online shop – but where do we start?
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Shopware, or Magento – Which system is right for us?
  • Our online shop is not performing or needs to be expanded – What do we do?
  • We want to consolidate our many separate tools in one integrated shop system – What are our options?
  • We want to move to another online shop system – How can we do that?
  • Our conversion rate is too low – How can we get more customers to follow through?
  • Our competitors are strong – How can we draw attention to our USPs and stand out from the crowd?

How we help you

We are your experienced e-commerce partner with numerous reference clients and top awards under our belt. Our many years of project experience have shown us the needs and challenges of our clients – and we will work with you to find the perfect solution for your e-commerce ambitions. Our requirements management approach helps us find the right shop system for you, and we will assist and advise you with picking the right strategy, planning, designing, and implementing the optimum solution.

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Shop solutions – How we work:

You do not yet have an online store and are looking for a reliable e-commerce platform? You want established, state-of-the-art technology that does not need complicated customization? We can help you find the right shop system and assist you with the requirements specification, exploration, implementation and even the running and development of your e-commerce project.

We will work with you to pick the ideal commerce system for you: We can give existing systems a thorough check-up to pinpoint possible improvements or see whether a transition to a new shop system might be the better choice. If you already operate a marketing website and plan to integrate new shopping functionalities, we can support you with finding the most efficient strategy for your plans. We are working closely with our fellow social media, data, and content specialists to give you the holistic services you deserve.

Our shop solution services:

We support you with independent advice to match your individual needs and find the best e-commerce software for your project.

  • Requirements management and systems advice
  • Commerce shop systems (SaaS), including Shopware, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Shopify, Oxid, or Commercetools
  • Content management systems, including Magnolia full-bodied CMS, Craft, TYPO3, Adobe Experience Manager, or Drupal
  • E-commerce strategy consulting
  • Wireframing, UX, and interaction design
  • Information architecture and templating
  • Presentation components
  • Backend development
  • Frontend development (HTML, CSS, JS, Prototyping)
  • Shop (conversion) optimization
  • Analytics

Cloud-based shop solutions: The benefits

  • Fast and efficient solution (even without physical IT infrastructure)
  • Possible with lean budgets thanks to established technology
  • Simple and secure administration
  • Optimized for mobile
  • Standardized interfaces for integrating social media and other sales channels
  • Focused on customizing existing templates (design, optimization, and online marketing)
  • Trusted partner and provider committed to continued support and platform upgrading
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