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HR Marketing & Employer Branding

You know the challenge of winning new motivated employees for your company. And you know exactly that recruiting qualified specialists and specialised high potentials cost time and money. With the right strategy for your HR marketing, you can strengthen your employer brand and find the right talents. Make skilful use of the digitalization for successful applicant management with solutions that fit your budget. We have some good suggestions for you.

What you want to know

  • How do we present our company on the web as an attractive employer?
  • How do we get to talents efficiently and measurably through their preferred channels?
  • How do we create the best possible candidate experience for applicants at all touchpoints?
  • What is the best way to communicate with candidates during the application process?
  • How do we realize international rollouts?

How we help you

Always in sight: Your company and the candidates. With us, your candidates will experience a positive candidate journey across all relevant touchpoints, which leads them straight to you. An optimized onboarding process subsequently ensures that they will stay. In this way we strengthen your image as an attractive employer. We consult you and go step by step with you into the realization.

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One vacant position, ten qualified applications - and you are free to choose your preferred candidate? A nice idea. But the reality looks different. Many employers are competing for qualified people, regardless of the industry. Corporate websites, career sites, recruiting portals, social media, campaigns and more - there are many ways for HR departments to promote their companies to graduates and established specialists and managers. Finding the appropriate measures for this and then implementing them professionally requires experience. We offer you solution-oriented and hands-on advice.

Digital HR Marketing: Our expertise

For over 10 years we have been doing successful digital HR Marketing & Employer Branding for Fresenius, Adecco, Peek & Cloppenburg, DIS AG, Vaillant Group and other clients. Our commitment for well targeted HR marketing does not end with the first launch of a new product. We continue working together in a personal relationship, just as you wish: as a reliable partner in consulting and operative implementation.

What else can you expect from us? Instead of a standard procedure we offer you a one-stop solution for your company that is tailored to your requirements, the general conditions and your budget.

Let's strengthen your digital employer brand together

Consulting for digital HR marketing

Your internal processes are important and not easy to change. We know that. But for a good Candidate Experience it is crucial to change one' s perspective. That's why we put on the user glasses and identify optimization potential for your existing employer brand and current recruiting activities with an external view.

We adjust your content strategy. We ensure that your career site is visible and works perfectly as an ambassador for your employer brand and as a job agent. We anchor it within the Candidate Journey and build bridges to your corporate website, social media or email campaigns.

Conception and implementation of your career site

The career site is the heart of your employer branding. It is the digital stage for your employer brand, on which you present your employer value proposition, acquire your candidates with stories and guide them into the application funnel. The key to achieving this in the blink of an eye is not only the right content, but also the ability to manage it effectively.

We advise you on the choice of system and continue developing it for you. We take care of the full integration of an applicant management system and other software connections. We ensure that your content is presented in the right way with a design tailored to your employer brand and content specific for your target groups. Of course we also provide SEO. Are you a global player? No problem. We can also support you with your international rollout.

Continuous optimization of the Candidate Journey

Hypotheses are good, data is more important to increase traffic and leads. Only when it is clear at which touchpoint the candidates lose interest it is possible to counteract in a focused way. The results of our user and A/B testing, also internationally, are the key element for our optimization of the recruitment funnel. Furthermore, they are the perfect base for creating meaningful reports for various stakeholders in the company.

Performance marketing for recruiting

Likes, shares, follower and comments are not enough to measure the success of social media in terms of your recruiting goals. There is definitely more: The use of sophisticated targeting and the use of tracking tools offer an immense wealth of data to quantify impact and effectiveness. Here we work closely with our colleagues from Digital Campaigning & Media, who are the true experts in this field and for the right SEA measures.

Experts for HR Marketing & Employer Branding: We are happy to tell you more

Are you now considering whether we are the right people to help you master your recruiting challenge? Just give us a call. In a first non-binding exchange we will certainly find out together quickly.

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