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Intranet & Digital Workplace

The world of work is digital. This simple truth is a real challenge for companies everywhere – and for their people. It is not just about making work processes more digital. It is about creating a new way of thinking. With our consulting support and with the right tools, information, and communication channels we are here to help you master that challenge. Invest today into the bespoke digital workplaces of tomorrow. Be it social intranets, collaboration tools or your very own corporate Wiki – we have what you need for your journey to your Intranet 4.0.

What you want to know

  • How do I get relevant news and information through to my people?
  • How can I keep track of data, information and documents across separate silos?
  • How can I stay on top of the email deluge and make cooperation more effective?
  • What could help my people find the in-house experts they need?

How we help you

However ambitious your plans: We are here with pragmatic support for you. Starting with a survey of your actual requirements and the selection of the right system to planning and piloting your new intranet and rolling out the finished work: In our projects we will help you organize your new intranet team, communicate the changes you need to make in the best way and help your organization come through the changes, stronger and better.

Get in touch

You can expect a lot from us, but not a one-size-fits-all intranet solution. We know one thing: Your company is unique, and it deserves a solution that is just as unique and that fits with your goals and your people. You need and deserve a bespoke solution, not just any digital workspace.

We have wowed clients for years with our excellent work. This includes high-profile names like Coop, ThyssenKrupp, Eppendorf, the MCH Group, or Illwerke and institutions like StEB (Municipal Waterworks Cologne).

Our promise

You take the lead

What you can expect from us is advice and support that really engages with your commercial ambitions and project goals and that understand the conditions on the ground affecting your plans. Your budget, your existing systems, or your human resources: We consider every factor for your intranet. We consider how your people are working now, and where you can benefit most from our support. We will help you pick the right system and assist your IT with setting up and configuring that system for perfect results.

Intranet and digital workspaces: We get your people on board and activated

Which process do we use? We let your needs and wishes decide. You can choose whether you prefer a carefully designed pilot or a big-bang launch. We understand that change processes can be a time of anxiety and friction. We are there to help you navigate them. We get all of your people on board and get them inspired for the new heart of your business: the digital workplace.

What we can do for you

Our services depend on what you and your organization need to stay as successful as you deserve to be. Come and find out what we will bring along for our journey with you:

  • Scoping and target setting workshops
  • Workshop strategies and target definition
  • Status check-up
  • User research
  • Requirements management and system selection advice
  • Conceptual design and implementation
  • Pilots
  • Migration concepts
  • Communication concepts
  • Change management support

You choose how much support we can offer you! Meet us for a workshop to find out whether you can benefit most from our all-inclusive package or only need targeted services to build on your progress to date.

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Dr. Angela Berrisch

Dr. Angela Berrisch

Senior Consultant in der Business Unit Digital Marketing & Communications